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Triangle Hi-Tech (M) Sdn Bhd :: Automatic Identification :: Bar Code System :: Malaysia


Promotion product are below :

No. Item Price
1 NiSCA PR-C101 High Performance Color ID Card Printer Demo unit Ė good for back up RM2000
2 Zebra TLP-2742/2642 Printhead New RM100
3 Toshiba TEC B-472 Printhead New RM300
4 Datalogic Fixed Mount Scanner Demo Unit  DS1100/2100/2100A/2400N Good for back up RM400 
5 Datalogic Handheld Scanner Demo Unit Gryphon D432 / Lynx 2D / DL9330 2D / Dragon Cordless Scanner RM200
6 Datalogic Memor Batch  PDT Demo unit as New RM1500  
7 Datalogic S3-R-B2 Sensor New RM150 
8 Datalogic/EMS/Balluff - C0405 Controller W/Ant New RM2000  
9 Zebra P310 YMCKO Color Ribbon RM100 
10 Datalogic Gryphon ESD with PS/2 Cable  RM200
11 Avery AP3.4 203dpi Printhead New RM150
12 Avery AP2.4 203dpi Printer Demo Unit as New RM750
13 TSC TTP-384M 300dpi 8” Industrial Printer   RM6900
14 TSC TTP-268M 203dpi 6” Industrial Printer  RM5400
15 Avery/Monarch ADTP1 203dpi Industrial Printer  RM5500
16 Datalogic QD2430 1D Laser scanner w USB Cable Kit RM400
17 Datalogic QD4430 2D Scanner w USB Cable Kit  RM1000
18 Winson WNC-3080 1D Scanner w USB Cable Kit  RM130
19 Winson WNC-3080g 1D Scanner w USB Cable Auto-Trigger Stand Kit  RM210